Welcome to the Christman Lab

Recent News 

Marty Spang wins the 2021 Engelson Ph.D. Thesis Award.

Josh Mesfin receives an honorable mention from the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship and from NSF GRFP.

Marty Spang successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis. 

Dr. Christman is elected to the 2020 BMES Class of Fellows.

Josh Mesfin is selected as a predoctoral trainee in the NHLBI Training Grant on Integrative Bioengineering of Heart, Vessels and Blood.

Emma Zelus and James Corbitt receive honorable mentions from NSF GRFP. 

Positions Available

Potential postdocs should email their CV to Dr. Christman.

2 PhD student positions will be available in Fall 2021. Prospective graduate students should apply directly to the department.  

New undergraduates will be selected each year after the annual BMES Lab Expo, so interested students should attend this event and stop by the Christman Lab poster.


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